BMW – X5M E70


Optimization of the engine management system

Depending on the power level and the parts inj use, the engine management be adjusted to acchieve the best possible performance.

The adjustment is done specifically for your car at a motor power testing.

Upon request, we upgrade your gearbox software too.

For several power levels a technical control board certificate is possible.

High Performance Fan

Whatever power stage you are aiming for, this high power fan , with blistering great aid towards longevity.
Wires and mounting guide are being supplied with the fan.

Oil cooler with higher efficiency and more capacity

By using this cooler stability for high power stages is greatly increased.

The air duct has to be altered too.

Pipes and other needed materials are being provided

Turbocharger S63

Tailor made compressor wheels depending on the power stage you want Exhaust gas opimized
Ball bearing versions are available
Needed for high power stages.
Modified compressor and turbine wheels, optimized bearings and reprofiled new wheels.
Retrofitted to use original lines and place.
Estimated Power Output up to 800 hp

Manifold S63

Considerable performance enhancement of up to 90 bhp

Greatly reduces exhaust back pressure

Expansion elements are integrated as they are with the stock parts.

cylinder-head gasket

optimized cylinder-head gasket for s63 engines


High performance catalystic converter N/S63

Alternated coating of the catalystic converters.
Reduces exhaust-gas back-pressure and temperatures in the engine area.
Road legal, as opposed to regular downpipes.

Akrapovic exhaust system

Weight reduction due to titanium being used.

Improvement in terms of performance and emotion.

High performance exhaust system S63

Weight reduction due to titanium being used.

Improvement in terms of performance and emotion.

Downpipes N/S63

Performance improvement by optimizing exhaust-gas-flow.
Enables high power stages for race-track-use.
Drasticly reduces temperatures in the engine area.
Due to the lack of a catalystic converter, road use is prohibited.



KW Clubsport

– 16 clicks to set rebound
– low-speed compression to be adjusted with 6-clicks, high-speed with – adjustable lowering
– TÜV-tested adjustment range
– high quality components for increased durability
– unique, independent damping action
– spherical aluminium top bearing available optional


Real carbon covers

Elegant sportive carbon makes your car look and feel truely special.

Tailor-made leather trim

Whether you want to individualize your existing leather trim, or replace with leather, we cater to your needs.
Just ask us.

Recaro PolePosition – Tuningwerk Edition

These seats are a Tuningwerk special edition of the very popular Recaro featuring orange stitching and a leather / alcantara trim.
Optional Tuningwerk seatrails lower the seating position making for optimized while sheding some addtional weight.

Recaro PolePosition carbon fibre

The popular Recaro PolePosition seats featuring carbon fibre backcovers

Carbon engine cover

Great Design and reduction of weight

Alcantara covers

Alcantara interior trim makes your car actually feel special.

Carbon fibre rear-view mirror covers

Carbon fibre rear-view mirror covers improve the cars overall appearance.

BMW Performance Parts

We offer the complete BMW performance product range. We look forward to

Ultra light forged Tuningwerk alloy rim

Ultra lightweight forged alloy rims for trackdays and daily use.
Tested with OEM and KW suspensions.
Various sizes available.
Offset can be induvidualized upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for your A 9,5 x 18″ rim weights in at about 7.3kg only!
With the 10,5 x 18″ rim coming in at a very light 7.7kg!

ATS Rim Racelight

Ceramic polished.
Various sizes available!