BMW – Z4 E89


Optimization of the engine management system

Depending on the power level and the parts inj use, the engine management be adjusted to acchieve the best possible performance.

The adjustment is done specifically for your car at a motor power testing.

Upon request, we upgrade your gearbox software too.

For several power levels a technical control board certificate is possible.

N55 High performance plungers and connecting

Reduction of rotating mass.

More stability for high performance engines.

Extreme durability.

Turbolader N54 Stage 2

Tuningwerk Stage2 turbocharger for up to 600HP.

Ceramic coated.

Turbolader N54 Stage 1

Tailor made compressor wheels depending on the power stage you want
Exhaust gas opimized
Ball bearing versions are available
Needed for high power stages.
Modified compressor and turbine wheels, optimized bearing and reprofiled new wheels.
Retrofitted to use original lines and place.
Estimated Power Output up to 520 hp

Optimized charge air pipe N54

Optimized charge air pipe
ceramic coated
for Tuningwerk N54 Stage 2 Turbos

N54 High performance plungers and connecting

Reduction of rotating mass.

More stability for high performance engines.

Extreme durability.

N54 TW-Damper

N54 TW-damper being weight reduced yet fully functional.

Weighting in at approx 1950g – compared to the stock item at approx. 3140g.

Precision balanced.

Only recommended in combination with TW-singlemass flywheel.

Single Mass Flywheel N54

Replacment for the two mass flywheel used with N54 engines

2,6kg (1M) or 4,2kg (335i) of weight reduction. High impact on performance having been connected straight to the crankshaft!

Hybrid Clutch N54

Organic/Sinter Clutch with a strengthened clutch pressure plate

Its not a race Clutch but also suited for street AND daytrack.

Airbox N54

Considerably raised air volume with optimized intake airflow. Retrofitted to directly airbox

Changed air duct N54

The changed air duct is needed when utilizing additional oil or water coolers. car and configuration, different parts are to be used. Please supply detailed order. The wheel house cover is to be changed too.

Radiator N54

Approx 30% more effective than the OEM Radiator

High Performance Fan

Whatever power stage you are aiming for, this high power fan , with blistering great aid towards longevity.
Wires and mounting guide are being supplied with the fan.

Replacement for circuit valve N54

Low-wear long-lasting replacement valves. The original valves tend to wear stages.

No performance enhancement!

All required parts are included.

Secondary radiator

By using a secondary radiator the engine will show a much more stable behaviour even at higher power levels.

To add this part the air duct has to be changed as well.

Tubes and assembling material are being provided.

High performance charge-air cooler

High-end cast aluminium case

Intercooler is a direct replacement for the stock part.

about 80% more airflow surface

Easy assembly

The existing air pipes can still be used

Performance Enhancement

Rear gearbox with shortened drive ratio

3.45 final drive ratio from original 3.15

up to 9% increase in torque

Limited slip differential

Limited slip differential with up to 90% lock, customized versions upon


Tuningwerk exhaust system for x35i models

Stainless steel muffler with 2x86mm tail-pipes and valve-control for F-Tail-pipe covers available in matt-black, chrome and carbon fibre (optional).

Downpipes – Stage 1 – N54

Performance improvement by optimizing exhaust-gas-flow.

Enables high power stages for race-track-use.

Drasticly reduces temperatures in the engine area.

Due to the lack of a catalystic converter, road use is prohibited.

Downpipes – Stage 2 – N54

Performance improvement by optimizing exhaust-gas-flow.

Ceramic coated!

Enables extreme power stages for race-track-use / race-motor-conversions.

Drasticly reduces temperatures in the engine area.

Due to the lack of a catalystic converter, road use is prohibited.


Tuningwerk brake system

Tuningwerk brake system for M3 E90/91/92/93, 1M E82, and many F-series M135i/M235i.

Available for the front and back of the car, brake discs up to 350 / 380x34mm

piston monoblock brake calipers, derived from Porsche Motorsport (24h components, ensure best possible brake performance in any use-case.
For serious track-use.

Available in custom colors too!

Steelflex brake pipes

Road-legal steelflex brake pipes are available for many models.

Tuningwerk brake pads for x35i models

Tuningwerk brake pads for improved braking performance.

Being a direct fit for F-series x35i models, they can also be used with the brake system, to improve it’s performance too.

Racing and sports version available.


KW Variant 3

– adjustable rebound and compression settings
– stainless steel “inox-line” technology
– fully adjustable lowering
– TÜV-geprüfter Verstellbereich
– high quality components for increased durability
– 16 clicks to set compression
– 12 clicks to set rebound
– unique, independent damping action

KW Street Comfort

– stainless steel “inox-line” technology
– decent lowering
– TÜV-tested adjustment range
– high quality components for increased durability
– comfort-focus shock setting
– adjustable rebound

KW Clubsport

– 16 clicks to set rebound
– low-speed compression to be adjusted with 6-clicks, high-speed with – adjustable lowering
– TÜV-tested adjustment range
– high quality components for increased durability
– unique, independent damping action
– spherical aluminium top bearing available optional

KW competition 3-way adjustable

KW 3-way adjustable racing suspensions are designed for professional systems are based upon a mono-tube damping construction with a separate compression reservoir.

The 3-way allows for nearly any adjustment possibility.

As an additional benefit, the compression reservoir can be mounted seperately, much easier accessible and setup changes faster.


Tailor-made leather trim

Whether you want to individualize your existing leather trim, or replace with leather, we cater to your needs.
Just ask us.

Real carbon covers

Elegant sportive carbon makes your car look and feel truely special.

Enhanced instrument combo

Necessary to keep the car road legal, once V-Max limitation has been disabled.
Individualisation and various colors available upon request.

Recaro PolePosition – Tuningwerk Edition

These seats are a Tuningwerk special edition of the very popular Recaro featuring orange stitching and a leather / alcantara trim.
Optional Tuningwerk seatrails lower the seating position making for optimized while sheding some addtional weight.

Recaro PolePosition carbon fibre

The popular Recaro PolePosition seats featuring carbon fibre backcovers

Alcantara covers

Alcantara interior trim makes your car actually feel special.

BMW Performance Parts

We offer the complete BMW performance product range. We look forward to

Ultra light forged Tuningwerk alloy rim

Ultra lightweight forged alloy rims for trackdays and daily use.
Tested with OEM and KW suspensions.
Various sizes available.
Offset can be induvidualized upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for your A 9,5 x 18″ rim weights in at about 7.3kg only!
With the 10,5 x 18″ rim coming in at a very light 7.7kg!

ATS Rim Superlight

ATS Superlight rims available in racing-black and racing titanium.
Various sizes available upon request!

ATS Rim Racelight

Ceramic polished.
Various sizes available!

OZ Rim Alleggerita HLT

Available in many colors like: titanium tech, matt graphite, matt black, orange, matt red, matt blue.
Various sizes upon request!